Welcome to this year's Men's Convention. We trust and pray you will be encouraged this morning to live for Christ in this challenging and changing world.

The talks will go live at the stated times and last about 30 minutes after which we will split into discussion groups. Hopefully you have arranged your own groups with friends or in your churches. If you haven't, don't worry, you can join the central discussion groups by clicking the button below the video. You will find the discussion questions there as well.

Don't forget, there will be a Q&A with John Stevens at the end of the morning. You can submit your questions using the box at the bottom of this page.

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If you have any technical problems please contact Leo Davison at midlandsmensconvention@gmail.com or on 07976 812574.


    10:00 - Session 1 (including discussion groups)

    11:00 - Break

    11:20 - Session 2 (including discussion groups)

    12:20 - Break

    12:30 - Q&A with John Stevens

    13:00 - Close

10:00 - Session 1: Faithful men in a post-COVID context

Looking at what it means to be biblical and godly men in the light of COVID. We all face changes to family life, church and work situations as well as learning about how to manage risk and hope. John will help us think about these from God’s Word.

11:20 - Session 2: Faithful men in a woke culture

Looking at being a man in a culture that increasingly critiques toxic masculinity. John will help us think through what it means to be men who respect women, resist racism, practice tolerance and yet who stand for the gospel and engage in evangelism.

12:30 - Question Time with John Stevens

John will answer the questions you have submitted throughout the morning. You can submit questions using the box below.

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